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Welcome to Nuclear Wolves! Even if you are just visiting, I hope you'll enjoy yourself while browsing our website. Because no one has posted on the forums for a long time, I'm going to delete the roleplay threads which have become inactive some time soon. I understand if others are busy due to other things, but please remember to give a warning if you think you will become inactive.

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Rules For Joining Zueric15
To be decided. Max of three.
To be decided. Max of two.
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To be decided. Max of one; they are given the same rights as Admins, but are expected to focus on photo manipulation without copyright issues. Anyone may request to be the Web Designer, but they need to show some proof of their skill. A week trial is given to all requesting members.

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Rules For Joining

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Rules For Joining Empty Rules For Joining

Post by Chaos on Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:16 pm

1. You must use the name of your character per your account, and your account picture should look somewhat like your character. It does not have to be a photograph, but it does need to be accurate to the description and appropriate for the website.

2. There is a 'five characters' per person rule for now. Please do not make more than five characters until we have more members.

3. Make sure you read ALL of the rules before joining. There are no packs yet, but a max of three will be created by Part 2 of the website. Ask an admin's permission first.

4. You may join as a pup, but only if there is a female wolf willing to take care of them in game. Please don't roleplay the pup's mother yourself.

5. Say 'bananas' at the end of your join message.

6. You do not have to do this as long as the name isn't like a human's (Unless the character is a human) and isn't inappropriate, but please use only words that a wolf may know or are related to their personality.

7. There is a store on the website where you can buy certain things, please check it before making your character.


1. This is a website that does allow minor swear words, but no f-bombs. You may never use these (Out Of Character)

2. I don't want your messages to be pages long, but I also don't want them to be just one sentence. Please use a paragraph or two (try to limit yourself to four if your a really descriptive person) per post.

3. No spam, power playing, or god-modeling allowed.

4. Put a Smile at the end of your joining message if you have read this far.

5. In this roleplay, your wolves are allowed to have powers due to the nuclear radiation altering them. You may not have a power if you god model with it. You may not take a power that is already taken. Make sure your power has some sort of limitation or consequence for use and there will be no issues.

6. After your smile, put a Like a Star @ heaven there for good luck.

For now, those are all the rules I'm going to impose but there will probably be more by Part 2 of the website.
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