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Welcome to Nuclear Wolves! Even if you are just visiting, I hope you'll enjoy yourself while browsing our website. Because no one has posted on the forums for a long time, I'm going to delete the roleplay threads which have become inactive some time soon. I understand if others are busy due to other things, but please remember to give a warning if you think you will become inactive.

Member Of The Month: Undecided

Season: Spring


To be decided. Max of three.
To be decided. Max of two.
~Website Designer~
To be decided. Max of one; they are given the same rights as Admins, but are expected to focus on photo manipulation without copyright issues. Anyone may request to be the Web Designer, but they need to show some proof of their skill. A week trial is given to all requesting members.

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Fenrir's Top Wolf Roleplays-

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Fenrir's Top Wolf Roleplays-

Post by Fenrir Management on Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:37 pm

After a brief hiatus of Fenrir's manager being unable to access her topsite, she's got it back, cleaned it from head to toe, and souped it up a bit. Now we looking for more active, competitive forums to join and participate in the fun.

On Fenrir, the list resets every 30 days, and to even be seen on the list, a forum must have at least one vote in. This ensures that only sites with members actively voting and pushing towards the goal of being the top of the list get seen by potential newbies.

We are hoping to get even more sites to join Fenrir, and would love if you'd give us a consideration. If not, then feel free to delete this advertisement, and thank you for your time(:


Fenrir Management

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