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Welcome to Nuclear Wolves! Even if you are just visiting, I hope you'll enjoy yourself while browsing our website. Because no one has posted on the forums for a long time, I'm going to delete the roleplay threads which have become inactive some time soon. I understand if others are busy due to other things, but please remember to give a warning if you think you will become inactive.

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Art Standards Zueric15
To be decided. Max of three.
To be decided. Max of two.
~Website Designer~
To be decided. Max of one; they are given the same rights as Admins, but are expected to focus on photo manipulation without copyright issues. Anyone may request to be the Web Designer, but they need to show some proof of their skill. A week trial is given to all requesting members.

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Art Standards

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Post by Chaos on Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:47 pm

As long as your art doesn't look worse then stick figures and resembles a wolf, (Or human if that happens to be the case)is rated PG, and is relevant to the website there should be no issues. You may determine the price of your art, but please don't sell low quality art for a high quality price.

The most you can sell art for on the website is 200 WC.

WC is the currency of the website, and is not real money. It is gained through post and topics. WC may eventually be used to buy other things, but for now it is limited to art.
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