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Post by Plague on Mon Dec 07, 2015 5:44 am

Name: Plague

Gender: Male

Description: Small despite the fact he is five years old, Plague was never treated as an Omega because he was too snappish, but he was still very low ranking. Cold amber eyes frame his every expression, though buried deep inside that pale yellow gaze all you'll find is pain. Within his coat there are patches of brown here and there, and his long fur hides some nasty scars. Surprisingly, despite his smaller stature, he is very good at fighting. He lacks when it comes to the patience required for a successful hunter though, and is forced to limit himself to smaller prey due to this. He's usually underweight because of this.

Personality: Stubborn, quick-tempered, not willing to back down when forced; in a word he's obstinate. He doesn't like to be pushed around and it shows. He has some idea of his power, but isn't able to control it as it is linked to his emotions. He knows he will need to master himself before he can master his power, but doesn't really know how to go about it and seems to be in a permanent state of frustration. He doesn't really care for other wolves, but he has a tender side for those in need he rarely shows in abundance.

Power: He has the power to intimidate others, no matter what their bearing, for five to ten minutes.

Limitation/Consequence: He feels weak after, and has a brief change in personality; it can range from being lazy to being flirtatious. The longer he uses said power, the longer the side effects linger. He is not able to control what he expresses at such times.

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