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Welcome to Nuclear Wolves! Even if you are just visiting, I hope you'll enjoy yourself while browsing our website. Because no one has posted on the forums for a long time, I'm going to delete the roleplay threads which have become inactive some time soon. I understand if others are busy due to other things, but please remember to give a warning if you think you will become inactive.

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To be decided. Max of one; they are given the same rights as Admins, but are expected to focus on photo manipulation without copyright issues. Anyone may request to be the Web Designer, but they need to show some proof of their skill. A week trial is given to all requesting members.

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Post by Chaos on Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:11 pm

Once you've read the rules, all you need to do is fill the join sheet out. An admin will verify if your application is valid. If there is not an instant response, you may contact sunnystar10000@gmail.com to get an admin on. Note: This does not mean that the admin will get on right away, but the next time they are able to login. Don't expect them to get on at midnight.

Name: Your character's name is important, so choose wisely. You may not change it once it is confirmed unless given special permission.

Gender: Male or Female, your character's gender does not have to match your own.

Personality: What is your wolf like? Are they energetic and friendly? Are they nonchalant and calm? Think about the kind of character you want to have.

Description: What does your character look like? What color? Small? Large? In the middle? Are they an adult or very young?

Power: Your wolf does not have to know they have a power or be able to control it yet, but you need to decide when you join what you want them to be able to do. To avoid god modeling, all powers are expected to come with a limitation of some kind.

Limitation/Consequence: This can be anything from how long they are able to do it, to what happens to them if they use it. Ex: He had the power to see things from very far away, but after using his power for about he would become blind for however long he used it.

Remember to add you join keys. Once an admin has check and approved your character they will edit the join keys out of your message and you may begin to roleplay right away.
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